Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards Winners 2023

3 November 2023

Official announcement of the Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards winners during the 82nd Skål International World Congress in Málaga, Spain

The Skål International World Congress 2023 has gathered approximately 300 travel executives from 34 countries all over the world and important authorities from Skål International, the local and regional Government, as well as prominent personalities from the tourism industry such as Mr. Ion Vilcu, Director of Affiliate Members Department at the U.N. World Tourism Organization.

The Sustainable Tourism Awards Ceremony was conducted on 2 November 2023 during the Opening Ceremony of the Skål International World Congress by Senior Vice President Annette Cardenas.

The Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards 2023 edition has been a resounding success with 68 entries from 18 countries worldwide entering eight of the available categories.

As a leading international organisation in the Travel and Tourism industry, Skål International has proven to be a strong force for the initiation of change and the encouragement of environmental conservation for both Travel and Tourism progress. As an Affiliate Member of the U.N. World Tourism Organization since 1984, we are honored to also count with the support of this institution in the frame of the Sustainable Tourism Awards.

Ion Vilcu, Director for Affiliate Members, U.N. World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

We are proud to see the quality of the entries for the 2023 edition of the Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards.

2023 Independent Jury

Three prominent and distinguished judges from internationally recognized entities have independently evaluated each entry based on leadership criteria in sustainability that encompass tangible, measurable benefits to the environment, enhance business, and the society and communities in which they operate:

Ion Vilcu

Director for Affiliate Members, U.N. World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Patricio Azcárate Díaz

General Secretary, Responsible Tourism Institute.

Paloma Zapata

CEO, Sustainable Travel Institute.

Skål International sincerely appreciates their time and efforts for the meticulous and laborious work they have conducted.

The awards are also supported since 2018 by the Responsible Tourism Institute and Biosphere Tourism. Ms. Yolanda Bazan, Head of the Certification Department at Responsible Tourism Institute presented in person the 'Skål International Biosphere Sustainable Special Award' to the eight winners, consisting of a one-year free subscription to the Biosphere Sustainable Platform.

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Winners of the 2023 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards

During the Opening Ceremony of the 82nd Skål International World Congress, the winners of the 2023 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards have officially been announced:


Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre, New Zealand

Supported by Skål International Christchurch

Award collected by Victoria Wales, President, Skål International Christchurch.


EcoGuerreros SC de RL de CV, Mexico

Supported by Skål International Merida

Award collected by Andrés Gutiérrez Cervera. Co-Founder Member of EcoGuerreros and CFO.


Mankind Digital, Australia

Supported by Skål International Melbourne

Award collected by Keeley Warren, Founder & Director of Mankind Digital.


The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance

Supported by Skål International Durban

Award collected by Rene Stoltz, Secretary, Skål International Garden Route.


Six Senses Laamu, The Maldives

Supported by Skål International Roma

Award collected by Marta Cardoso, Regional Director of Sustainability at Six Senses Laamu.


Khiri Reach, Thailand

Supported by Skål International Bangkok

Award collected by Kevin Rautenbach, President of Skål International Thailand.


Tootbus, France

Supported by Skål International Paris

Award collected by Nicolle Martin, President of Skål International Côte d'Azur.


The Parkside Hotel & Spa, Canada

Supported by Skål International Victoria

Award collected by Mark Schaay, President, Skål International Canada.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants in the 2023 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards.

Want to apply for next edition?

The guidelines will be updated for the 2024 edition and the details will be published on the Skål International website. The entry must be endorsed by a Skål International Club (except Government entities).

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