Podcast Series 'Knowledge through Inspiration'

7th September 2022

'Knowledge through inspiration', a podcast series on training sessions by members for members.

At the beginning of the sessions, you will be welcomed and advised on the content, learning outcomes of the session and the duration of the session, and then a summary of what was discussed will be reviewed at the end of the session. 

It is the first time that training in this format has been presented at Skål International and so the journey for all of us is new and exciting and definitely not written in stone. This is a long term and ongoing process and our success depends on membership, engagement, participation and suggestions from our members. 

Hence our tagline of 'Attend, Learn, Engage, Grow'. Training in any organization or company is of utmost importance as we have to create excellence, service and benefits from within to show off without. 

We would like our training sessions to be transformational rather than just transactional. We do not want to just have satisfied members, but rather have members who enjoy and delight in being members of Skål International. 

Our aim is to empower our members, as empowered members are the ones that will encourage new members. Our first two sessions will be focusing on topics of great importance at the moment, and they are orientation and succession for sustainable leadership. 

We are launching these sessions at exactly the right time of the year, when we all are getting ready to welcome new members as well as induct our new club presidents and committees. As of June 2022, there are over two 4 million podcasts and more than 383,000,000 listeners globally, and this is the reason we decided on presenting our training sessions via this method. 

They are convenient to listen to on your own or with your club members and as often as you like. Links to these sessions will be posted on the Skål International website and mobile app for your convenience and listening pleasure. 

For members, clubs and area committees who would prefer to see us for training, private Zoom meetings can be arranged. We should all have reimagined philosophy and culture across all areas of our membership to become part of our hashtag category of one. 

Are you ready? 

Introduction Podcast



'Knowledge through Inspiration' teasers

 Lavonne Wittmann presentation



 Jim Dwyer presentation



Lucy Macridis presentation