Installation of the Executive Board of Skål International Panama

Skål International Panama held on February 3 the Installation of its Board of Directors 2023, presided by Mr. Demetrio Maduro.

The JW Marriott Hotel was the meeting point for this important event, where members and tourism professionals gathered for this celebration.

Executive Committee 2023:

President: Demetrio Maduro

First Vice President: Ana Villaverde de Herrero 

Second Vice President: Ernesto Reina 

Treasurer: Erick Goldoni 

Secretary: Yvonne Löhrer 

Development Vocal: Elías Cohen 

Communications Vocal: Melva Quintero 

Publicity and Sponsorship Vocal: Armando Rodríguez 

Programs and Events Vocal: Magali Griffith

Auditor: Digna Leblanc

The president thanked the confidence and support of the members of his club to continue working for tourism in Panama, without leaving aside the legacy that since our beginnings in 1955 have laid the foundations for the industry without chimney in our country.