Global solidarity requested by Skål International São Paulo

Skål International São Paulo and its partner association ADVB – Brazilian Association of Sales Managers, announced a solidarity campaign for small business owners.

The largest metropolis in South America and epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil, has several social initiatives to support the population. The aMEI Project (means 'loved' in Portuguese) focuses on the sustainability of individual microentrepreneurs.

aMei Project

The initiative mobilizes efforts to mitigate difficulties faced by microentrepreneurs (a category that includes travel agents, tour guides, artisans, environmental monitors, musicians, among others), which add up to more than 1,8 million people in São Paulo, all of them with financial difficulties at the moment.

The aMEI Project discloses on its website how it is possible to contribute, donating a minimum amount of R$ 30 (approximately US$5), or a minimum of R$ 300 (around US$ 50) for companies, through electronic vouchers. These vouchers can be used to purchase food and personal hygiene items at small local businesses, leveraging the circular economy.

Solidarity is one of the foundations of Skål International, we thank everyone who can help”, says Walter Teixeira, president of Skål International São Paulo.

We can't stay with our arms crossed - aMei Project