Skål International Photography Contest 2023

'Worldwide Skål International Recipe Book 2023'

Will your Club participate in this new project? 

We would like to collect local recipes from each Skål International Club! 

Take part in the 'Worldwide Skål International Recipe Book 2023'!

Skål International will select recipes from all Clubs to publish the 'Worldwide Skål International Recipe Book 2023' - digital format - in the last quarter of the year.
A way to raise awareness of destinations and cuisine across the Skål International Movement!
Be part of the project!


1. The 'Worldwide Skål International Recipe Book 2023' is open to Clubs of Skål International.

2. The recipes to be presented can be sweet or savoury under the following categories:

   A. Appetizer.

   B. Main Course.

   C. Dessert.

3. Clubs can submit a maximum of 1 recipe. Either as an appetizer, as a main course or as a dessert. 

4. To be eligible:

    4.1. The recipe must be submitted by the President of the Skål International Club, or by delegation (proof of accreditation required).

    4.2 Clubs must complete the following fields in the form below:

          - Sender name and Skål International Club. 

          - Brief description of the Club highlighting the destination.

          - Title of the recipe. 

          - Category. 

         -  Recipe: ingredients and short description (300 words aprox).

          - High resolution picture of the recipe.

          - Attest that the picture was taken by you and is your property.

          - To authorise Skål International to publish the recipe, info and pictures               on its corporate media channels and Recipe Book.

5. Please, submit your recipe(s) before 31 August 2023.

6. Recipes must be submitted using the attached form addressed to the General Secretariat. Once the admission period has ended, we will start editing the recipe book in digital format.

7. Skål International reserves the right not to select recipes that do not comply with these rules. 

8. Skål International will publish the 'Worldwide Skål International Recipe Book 2023' - digital format - in the last quarter of 2023. 

Any questions? Contact us!