Tourism Special Award to Skål International Eskişehir!

Eskişehir Achievement Awards, which takes place with the participation of hundreds of thousands of people every year and is Türkiye's largest local award ceremony organization, found its owners on Saturday, January 6, 2024.

At the ceremony, awards were given to their winners in 48 categories. Candidate lists in the competition are determined by the Jury Members and the Organization Committee. Winners are determined by public voting and jury votes.

Skål International Eskişehir was deemed worthy of an award in the Tourism Special Award category, taking into account its work and contributions to the tourism industry.

At the award ceremony attended by Eskişehir protocol and business people, President Ufuk Özkaratay received the award on behalf of Skål International Eskişehir, and in his speech, he gave information about the formation, history and membership structure of Skål International clubs and the number of members on a national and international scale.

Skål International Eskişehir Tourism Special Award (Eskişehir Achievement Awards).
Ufuk Özkaratay, President of Skål International Eskişehir, holding the award.