Skål International Cádiz celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Skål International Cádiz, presided over by Josefa Díaz Delgado, organised an event at the Playa Victoria Hotel to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of this professional tourist association.

The event was attended by several authorities, including the Government Delegate, Mercedes Colombo Roque, and the third Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Economic Development and Promotion of Employment, Tourism, Commerce and Catering, Beatriz Gandullo Sosa, as well as various personalities from the tourism sector in Cadiz, who met with all the Club's members.

In 1973 Skål International values arrived in Cadiz and on 15 June of that year, Skål International Cádiz was formed by Joaquín Rodríguez Calpena, Manuel Paredes, Ángel Juan Rico and José Puya.

At this commemorative event, chaired by Josefa Díaz Delgado, a personal and professional reference for quality tourism in the province of Cadiz, the 2023 Skål International manifesto was unveiled, a declaration of intent with which they will lay the foundations for the future of tourism in the province, always working to showcase Cadiz to the world.