Executive Board kicks off 2024 in Málaga with a vision for unity

The Executive Board of Skål International, comprising 12 directors under the leadership of President Cardenas and Vice President Scrafton, convened for their inaugural meeting in the charming city of Málaga, Spain.

This historic gathering took place from the 22nd to the 24th of January, marking a significant milestone for our global organization.

Representing our whole membership, divided in diverse regions, each of the 14 board members brought a unique perspective to the table, reflecting the rich tapestry of Skål International's global reach. The meeting, accurately planned and organized by the General Secretariat, served as a platform for the board to set overarching goals, define the roles of new committees, and strategize for the upcoming year.

In the cradle of Skål International, Málaga, the executives delved into the essence of the organization, fostering bonds that are fundamental for effective collaboration. The overarching presidential motto for 2024, ‘Building Bridges’, resonated throughout the discussions, emphasizing the commitment to connect and unite Skål International's diverse membership.

As the newly elected board embarks on this journey, they carry with them a collective vision to strengthen the bonds that make Skål International a vibrant and cohesive global community. The meeting in Málaga marked the beginning of a promising chapter, setting the stage for a year of growth, collaboration, and shared success.

Executive Board of Skål International during the 2024 kickoff meeting in Malaga.