Gowns for the Hospitals

At the beginning of April, following an emergency appeal from the hospital in Pontoise (Val d'Oise), a collective of seamstresses was created, and 'Blouses Pour L'Hôpital' ('Gowns For The Hospital') was formed.

After an email received by a friend, and since I own a sewing machine, it was only natural for me to respond to this appeal and to participate in this outpouring of generosity.

From just a handful at the beginning, in 15 days we have become more than 1,000 volunteers making more than 15,000 gowns for the hospitals of the region.  

Twice a week, a volunteer courier delivers the kits. As a general rule, 12 gowns can be made from the package, with thread and elastic for the cuffs of the gowns.

Each gown is made up of 5 pieces that must be selected from the package of non-woven fabrics and assembled. 

All the pieces are standardised and pre-cut and it takes me an average of 2 days for the sewing and folding. 

They are then placed in pouches that are also prepared and collected by the courier.

The coming weeks will show us how long this collective will continue to require our help.

And for my family and friends, I also make masks according to AFNOR standards.

Renate Wagon 

Skål International Paris